How to resize collection thumbnail

I’ve recently changed the CSS to make my item thumbnail larger, but now when I browse collections, the thumbnails are enormous. My CSS code does not seem to be working, and keeps getting stripped out. I’m rusty, thought, so any tips would be appreciated!

Could you post up the CSS you are using, along with which theme?

Hi Patrick,

I’m using Thanks Roy. Here’s the CSS:

#content .item img, .item #content img, .image img {
max-height: 300px;

Thanks for your help!


I should have asked this in my first response, but when you say it is getting stripped out, how do you mean? Are you putting it in a CSS file, and it is being overridden, or are you using the CSS Editor plugin (that’s what I’m trying, and indeed the changes aren’t being saved there)? Or some other method?

HI Patrick,

I’m using the CSS Editor plugin, and it’s disappearing after hitting save. Thanks!


Thanks for the confirmation. Looks like there are two things to address: 1) getting the correct CSS, and 2) get the CSS (correct or not) to stick in CSS Editor. We’re tackling number 2 first at Omeka central:

Thanks for the update!