How to preserve name files when importing from omeka classic to Omeka S


I have migrated my data from omeka classic( v3.0.3) to omekaS (v4.0.4).

We have an external site (a language dictionary) that often points to links on our omeka classic, links like :
Now on our omekaS site, the link will look like this:
The name of the document has therefore changed, and our site with a dictionary can no longer find the documents.

My question is how can I preserve the name of the documents on the disk (not in the metadata, it’s the same) when migrating from omeka classic to omeka S?
Thanks in advance if you have any ideas.

The simplest way is to update the database directly (tables files and media).

ok, thank you, i’ll try.

so i can just copy all the pdf/jpg files from omeka classic files storage to omeka S files storage, and then export tables files and media from omeka classic to omeka S tables ?

Yes, copy the files in files/original.
But the hard part is the database. You have to take the filename from the table files in Omeka Classic and copy it without extension into the table media (storage_id) of omeka s. Take care of the media id of course, because they probably have been changed between omeka classic and omeka s. So export id and storage id, map them with classic filenames, then import it in the table media.
Then eventually recreate the derivative with module EasyAdmin.

ok, i’ll try that. Thanks a lot.