How to open rather than download TIFF files in Omeka S?

We have a site that has TIFF media files. Is it possible to have them open rather than download? Can that be done using Universal Viewer?

By “open rather than download” do you mean they’re not displaying on the page at all, or are you talking about what happens if you link to one? Browsers generally can’t display tiff files, so if you link to one it’s pretty much always going to get downloaded.

Depending on the theme or the way you’re displaying your files, Omeka S can already display a tiff to the user just by showing one of the jpeg files we generate for use as thumbnails and so on. Some themes will display files that way by default and so should work fine with tiffs, but if you’re using one of the themes that has the “slider” or “gallery” view (or you’ve chosen to use it with theme configuration in Omeka S 4.0) then I believe there is currently a known issue with tiff files in the gallery.

If you have a link to a problematic page that’s always helpful in making the problem totally clear.

Ah, sorry I wasn’t as clear as I could be. The show item pages display the generated JPEG but then when the user clicks on the image, the TIFF is downloaded per standard browser behavior.

We managed to get the Universal Viewer module working. I think that might work as workaround.