How to Modify Clean URL Plugin to Include Item Titles in URLs

Hello Omeka Community,

I have installed the Clean URL plugin for Omeka Classic, and I am looking to modify it so that the URLs for items include both the identifier and the item title. Specifically, I want the URLs to look like this:

Currently, I am not sure how to configure the plugin or modify the necessary files to achieve this URL structure. Could someone guide me on how to adjust the routing configuration and any other necessary files to include the item titles in the URLs?

Here is what I am aiming to accomplish:

  1. URL Format: I want the URL to contain both the item identifier and the title, formatted as{identifier}/{title}.
  2. Routing Configuration: Steps to update the routing configuration to accept and process the title as a URL parameter.
  3. Necessary File Modifications: Any changes required in the plugin’s controller or other files to support the new URL structure.

I appreciate any help or guidance you can provide. Thank you!

Dear Omeka Community,

I need some assistance with modifying the URL structure for items in Omeka Classic. Currently, the URLs for items on my site look like this:

I would like to change them to include the item title, so they look like this:

I tried playing around with CleanURL plugin but that messed up thing on my site.

Thanks in advance