How to load css and js from https enabled admin?

I have enabled admin to be accessed via https. However, some css and js files do not load over https. The css files in application/views/scripts/css/ folder and javascript files in /application/views/scripts/javascripts/vendor/ folder are set to load over http. How to load them over https?


When Omeka detects that it’s being accessed via HTTPS, it generates HTTPS urls for those files. Are you using a proxy or something like that to enable HTTPS support? There was a change in the most recent version (2.4.1) that improved the HTTPS detection in some cases.


We’re configuring Omeka 2.4.1 behind an SSL terminating proxy.

Unfortunately Omeka isn’t detecting this itself and the css and js are blocked with

Blocked loading mixed active content “


Is there a clean/recommended way to tell Omeka to use the https:// prefix when it doesn’t autodetect?


The “http or https” decision gets made in bootstrap.php. Omeka 2.4.1 updated that logic to match what Zend Framework’s ServerUrl helper does (basically just checking for an explicit HTTPS flag, for the port, and the scheme if that’s set).

You could try to do SetEnv in your htaccess to set the HTTPS environment variable to on and “trick” us and Zend into generating HTTPS URLs:

SetEnv HTTPS "on"

That did the trick, thanks jflatnes.