How to limit end-user access to portions of a site

My proposed site will have a collection of audio recordings, most of which are to be freely accessible by the general public. But we want to limit access to some of them to only a specific set of users. Can I restrict access to a collection or item set such that a person would have to log in with a username and password to see the data?

Hello, you can use a combination of plugins to do this:

1- install the plugin Guest Role (Omeka S - Guest Role) by BibLibre :
it allows you to create a user account with a ‘Guest’ role without any access to administration

2- install the plugin Groups (GitHub - Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-Group: Module for Omeka S to set groups to users and resources, so their visibility can be managed in a more flexible way.) by Daniel Berthereau:
it allows you to create Groups that can be assigned to any Omeka S resource but also to users

3- to set the access restriction, the user and the private resource must have the same group
So, a user with group A will be able to see the private item, the private media or private collection with group A

Clarification: it is not necessary to install the Guest User plugin, the Guest role plugin is sufficient. The difference between the two is that Guest User has other functionalities, in particular it gives a visitor the possibility of creating an account themselves. So, depending on the extent of your needs you can opt for Guest Role or Guest User

Sorry, perhaps my question was not clear. I want to restrict end-user access, not administrator access, to one of the sites in my Omeka S installation.

For example, let’s say I have two sites, (1) Cool Stuff for Everybody and (2) Cool Stuff for Special People Only. When someone goes to the public site (not the admin interface), which lists both sites, I want everybody to be able to view site 1, and I want to password protect site 2 so that the end user must enter a password to view it. I don’t need a username, just a password.

Is there a way to accomplish this?


To my knowledge, I don’t know of a way or a plugin to put a password without an account on a site.

Once the site is private, you can only define in Site>User Permissions the role of Viewer to the Guests accounts. But this way still use the password and login users…

I actually found a way. I set Omeka S to default to Site 1, Cool Stuff for Everybody. On that site I put a link to Site 2, Cool Stuff for Special People Only. I password protect that link using Use Link Lock - Password-protect links . Not bulletproof, but good enough for what I need.

Clever! Thanks for sharing this tip.