How to integrateGoogle Programmable Search Engine

I would like to use Google Programmable Search Engine (or something functionally equivalent if it exists) to search the content of my PDF media files. See What is Programmable Search Engine? - Programmable Search Engine Help.

Is such a thing possible? It would work like this:

  1. User enters a search term
  2. Engine searches within each PDF media file and constructs a result set
  3. Omeka presents the result set in a standard search results page

Google Programmable Search Engine returns a list of filenames. I presume that the function to integrate with Omeka S would have to search the Omeka S database for each filename and return the corresponding internal item key in order to populate the search results page. (That’s just a guess; I don’t know much about the Omeka S internals.)

Anyway, does such a thing exist? If not, who would I talk to about developing it?

Yes, Google Programmable Search Engine can index and search within PDF files if they’re publicly accessible online. You’d set up a custom search engine to crawl the URLs where your PDFs are hosted. Then, you integrate this with your Omeka S site, using the search engine code provided by Google. The search results would give you a list of filenames, and you’d need some custom development to link these filenames back to the corresponding items within your Omeka S database. This functionality isn’t standard in Omeka S, so you’d likely need to hire a developer familiar with Omeka and Google’s API to build this integration for you.