How to import linked data from RDF as Omeka-s linked resources?

Hi, I’m posing here the same question posed in the modules section of the forum

hoping for better luck. Apologies for cross-posting.

The question is:

is there a way in Omeka S to have linked data e.g. represented in RDF imported as linked resources?

For example to import a dataset of Article, Journal, Publisher, Issue, Author as separate Resource types and their relations expressed with RDF properties read as Linked Resources within Omeka S ?

The most related topic I found on this is the following:

suggesting to link previously imported resources through an additional import of their Omeka IDs (which I wouldn’t know ho to find).

My question is a bit more general on whether it is possible or planned to have resources linked in Omeka-S based on relations already stated in an imported RDF file.

If not already available from CSVImport (how?) could the Omeka-S-module-BulkImport

be specialised for this task?

Or, since mine are bibliographic resources, could the DSpace connector or Zotero import be used as a workaround for this task?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.