How to get rid of unused tags? And how to merge tags?



After doing some cleaning up of unused tags in my repository, I’ve noticed it’s a time consuming process, because the only way seems to be to browse tags by count (one click), then revert sorting order (second click), delete one tag with 0 items using it, and then start all over again because the tags get redisplayed by Name, Desc.

  1. So, is there a way to stop the resetting of sort criteria after the deletion of every tag?
  2. And is there a simple way to implement an extra button that will take care of all tags used 0 times, once and for all?
  3. And, as an extra feature: is there any way to have tags merging, when they have the same value? (example: two tags, “bravo 1” and “bravo 2”, if I rename the first one to “bravo” it will work, but if I try to rename also the second one to “bravo” it will throw an error, instead of merging it with the first one).

Thanks for any help on this.