How to display the Mirador viewer on a page?

Dear all,

I would like to display the Mirador viewer on a page (e.g the landing page) in order to load multiple manifests at once.

I have added the block ‘Mirador Viewer’ to a new page and attached some IIIF manifests (see screenshot 1 below), but when I open the page (‘View public site’) the page is empty. The Mirador viewer block is not displayed. I inspected the HTML source code and the Mirador-div block is not loaded at all.

Is there a way to add the Mirador Viewer block to an arbitrary page, or can the viewer only be displayed on ‘/item’ views?

Thank you and kind regards,

screenshot 1

This is the purpose of the block to display mirador with selected items. Maybe you have issue in your browser js console?

I have checked some log files on the server, but I don’t see any errors. Also I don’t see any errors in my browser console.

When I open the items view the Mirador viewer is displayed as expected.


Have you got any ideas how I can debug the issue?

This is strange, because it works in my servers.
Did you try with a item with uploaded media or with a manifest url stored in hasFormat ?

Note that for external manifest, the iiif server should be enabled anyway. I may check why this point is still needed.

I attached an item with the iiif manifest link in the hasFormat property.

I have now also installed the IIIF Server module (Omeka S - IIIF Server) and the Mirador viewer is loaded now. The items using the hasFormat property and the IIIF manifest link are loaded as expected. So thank you for this hint!

The item with the media (PDF) attachment is not loaded, but I guess Mirador does not support PDF viewing?