How to Display Multiple Files Attached to an item

I’ll preface my question with apologies if I’ve missed a setting somewhere in Admin, or if there is a plugin I have not discovered. I have also not found a simple solution in the forum or through a google search.

I am uploading all scanned PDF copies of a newspaper to items created to represent each year of publication. For example, item “Newspaper 1900” will have 52 files attached. When a user opens the item to see 1900’s files, Omeka currently shows all files in a single column without any titles or filenames.

I want to display the filenames for each file since they are self-descriptive, and display the thumbnails in a grid 3 or 4 wide. Is there a way to do this without editing the php for the theme? Am I missing something?

Thank you,

This is a setting dependent on your theme. For example, Seasons and Thanks Roy have this option (Appearance > Configure Theme, then scroll down) that will do what you want:

While Berlin has this:
“Check this box if you wish to display your item files in fullsize at the top of the item page.”

You can do some CSS to rearrange the tiles more nicely if your theme won’t do it, but I think to display the filenames in a theme that doesn’t, you will have to get into the PHP. Which theme are you using?

I am in Foundation and do have grid selected, but it does not seem to work to show files attached to an item in a grid. It does show all of the items themselves in a grid.

That’s not quite the same thing, as far as I know: a different codeset to display item tiles than to display media tiles. If you look lower in the Foundation theme settings, there are entries for “Media Display”, “Media Position”, and “Single Item Layout” that will be applicable to you.

I have media display as “grid”, which gets you square tiles. You can choose to put them in a right-hand column alongside the metadata, above the metadata, or below it, or inline with it. After you get that set up how you want it, we can do more modifications with CSS if you’d like. I don’t think, for example, that you can ensure 3 or 4 wide grids, because that depends on the browser window, unless we use CSS.

The latest version of Foundation (v1.2.2) should have a separate setting for file attachment display. It is under “Metadata View”.

It should output a grid that looks like this.

Once again, thank you Allana, and Kim. I had not played with those metadata settings thinking they were only for metadata and would not impact a file display.

I still may end up playing with the php to get file names to show, but this is much better for now. Thanks again,