How to configure Solr indexing

When using the standard Omeka S search, all properties are indexed. With Solr not all properties seem to be indexed by default.

How can one configure which properties are indexed in Solr?

I don’t see options within the Search manager. I think the SearchSolr module file config/default_mappings.php plays a part, but I can’t find documentation on the how. In particular I also want to index also the schema:alternateName (multiple) and other schema properties I use in my Resource templates.

In sql, there is no index, the search is done against the tables. On another side, Solr does not know anything of the database and there are many ways to index it (an index for generic search, an index for filters, an index for facets, an index for sort, an index for exact search, or you may want to index creators and contributors in the same indexes, etc.), so the mapping between the omeka data and what you want should be done manually.

But often, the user doesn’t want to study Solr and just want to have indexes, so in that case there is a button Map all properties that will create all indexes you need for common purposes. It will be improved in a future version so all all properties will be indexed the different ways.