How to configure ImageMagick Directory Path

My ImageMagick directory path does not work so I’m trying to configure that. I have omeka installed on my server at

I searched in my File Manager and found ImageMagick located in the folder here:


Now what am I supposed to do with this path? There’s a box in Settings > General ( labeled “ImageMagick Directory Path” but nothing that I seem to enter there does anything at all. Is there some kind of very specific syntax to what I am supposed to put in that box?


The path you gave is a file that’s included with Omeka; that’s not what you’re looking for.

The “ImageMagick Directory Path” is supposed to be filled in with the path to the folder on the server that contains the ImageMagick command convert. The path is often something like /usr/bin, but it can differ from server to server (and this is why we have a setting for it).

If you have a host or other server support, your simplest option would be to ask them if ImageMagick is installed and if so where it lives on the server.

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I had the same question about creating the Directory path in Settings. I read your answer and called my hosting company. They did not have any answer for me. They are basically a reseller for GoDaddy. I looked at my CPanel and there are no options for plug-ins. I this case, is the plug-in just sitting on my computer. Also If I look up ImageMagick it refers to image editing application not exhibition plugin for Omeka.

Is there something more than /bin that I can compare it to when I am looking at my directories, I have a few different sites hosted on the same CPanel

If your CPanel setup has an option to run a terminal command line or use ssh, you try which convert on the command line and it might tell you the directory.

I am talking to tech support . . . it may be too complicated for my skill level, he said he could activate the terminal/ssh etc but then I still would not know how to deal with it and that is not what they do in their “support” office . . .so . . .I found the associated directories and files . . .copied a bunch of them and pasted, none worked

It was suggested I go with Wiki instead?

Is there any alternative to the terminal command line? . .my site’s main purpose is to archive images . It appears that Omeka can serve its needs well . . .it appears that it is a simple yet definitive obstacle . . .

So, ImageMagick is software that’s usually on servers, but not always. It’s not part of Omeka, but is something that by default we use. There are other ways to configure Omeka to use PHP plugins – one is called IMagick, but there’s no guarantee that that’ll be on the server, and it sounds like it’s sadly hard to get information. :frowning:

You could try IMagick by following these instructions and hope for the best.

Alternatively, Reclaim Hosting is generally much more solid with hosting Omeka and getting it up and running if you are still in a position where you could switch.

Thanks, My brain has to take a break from this, so I am going to revisit it when I am refreshed. re: Switching Hosts -I am too entrenched with many sites and domains with my current host. If you have any other suggestions, let me know. Thanks for your input.


When brain is refreshed, the different config options within Omeka for derivative images might be an option for us to pursue and see what happens.

What’s your hosting company? There might be some knowledge in the Omeka community about addressing this with them.

Hello Again, Back for another round of scratching my head. . . . . so I hope to figure this out. GoDaddy is the Host.

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Did you ever figure this out on GoDaddy? I’m using GoDaddy, too, and don’t know where this is.

Where is this folder…

if we not mentioned theis path…whats effect??? on omeka site