How to change thumbnail types in default theme

Hello - I’m using the default theme (Thanks, Roy) and would like Item pages to show the standard thumbnail instead of the square thumbnail. How do I do that? I found instructions for doing this with the Berlin theme, but that one seems to have a different file structure.

What’s the difference that you’re seeing?

Generally the process would be the same for any theme. The one wrinkle is that some themes don’t have a copy of the file you’re looking to edit in them (this means they’re using the default version of that file the we provide with the Omeka core with no changes). When you encounter that situation where the file’s just not there, what you want to do is copy it out of application/views/scripts to the corresponding location where it should have been in the theme. Once you’ve copied it over, you can edit it there.

Hi - The difference in themes I saw was that Berlin has both a show.php and a browse.php file in the Items folder, whereas the default theme has only show.php.

In any event, I recently figured out how to do what I wanted to do.

I don’t know php, but within show.php, I had figured out that this little bit of code is what pulls in the thumbnails:
<?php echo item_image_gallery(); ?>

I had forgotten about the Global Theming Functions page, where it lists the options for the various functions. I looked up item_image_gallery, and on the page that contains details about it, (most of which I don’t understand at all, ha ha), I found a reference to square thumbnails vs. thumbnails.

Long story short, through some trial and error, I got the Item page to now display the standard thumbnail. I altered the line of code above, and now it looks like this:
<?php echo item_image_gallery(array('image' => array('class' => 'image')),'thumbnail'); ?>