How to change logo size on center row theme?


Does anyone know specifically what line of code to change in the center row theme to alter the size of the logo in Omeka Classic? On the theme configuration page, it says “Recommended maximum width for the logo is 500px” and the image we chose has a large resolution (can’t recall the exact amount) but the autogenerated logo is quite small, and we’d like to make it bigger cause it has our organization’s name in it.

I read in another thread that the creator of the theme specifies the max height of the logo according to the font, 72px, but that there is no limit for the width, and said that the change had to be made in the asset/sass/_screen.scss file (and linked the gitbub page for the theme), but it wasn’t very clear on what to change.

I don’t know the first thing about writing code, but I can follow directions if I know what file and line of code it’s in, and what to alter/copy paste, etc. Would anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

  • Jennifer

Hi, Jennifer.
Which specific theme are you using?

Hi @JenniferK. I should probably remove that recommendation, as logos come in the full spectrum of aspect ratios, and a maximum width doesn’t really account for that.

Download the CSSEditor plugin. It will let you provide your own overrides. In its configuration, add the following style rule:

#site-title img {
    max-height: none;

That will remove the height restriction. If your logo is of a high resolution that takes up too much space without a maximum height, experiment with setting a height in ‘px’ units, like max-height: 92px. Let me know if this helps.

@kim It worked!! :smiley: The logo is bigger and the ratio is even!!! I tinkered with the px like you reccomended because when it put none, it made it huge (cause the original image is high res). But it worked!!Thank you so much!!!