How to build Modules

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to find good sources for learning the nitty gritty of module development for Omeka S. I have been trying to research online and on, but I haven’t really found anything extensive.

I know there’s this one page on the Omeka documentation site, but I’m looking for more in depth training so as to learn how to build working modules.

Thank you!

We haven’t built up complete tutorials, but Omeka S is built on top of Zend Framework, so their guide is probably a good place to start. We use some additional libraries, especially Doctrine for database work, so there will be some additional things to look at. Peeking at existing modules will go a little way in that direction, depending on what exactly you need to put together.

If you are close enough to the DC area on June 22, there’s also a workshop planned for module developers. I imagine at least some of the materials we put together for that will find their way online.

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Thanks! Oh that’s great to hear that there are workshops available. I was just telling my boss that I would like to find Omeka conferences or something related to learn and connect with other developers.

For connections to Omeka developers, and digital humanities more generally, you might look for a THATCamp (or organize one!) in your area.