How to build a simple exhibit audio tour guide?

I want to use Omeka-S to build a web site for use as a simple museum (audio) tour guide, something like for example acmilabs static museum audio guide.
So just a page per museum object (a Omeka-S Item) with some images(Omeka-S Media) and an audio fragment (Omeka-S Media) and some descriptive text (from Item property value) and navigation buttons. And lets say with a page for each Item from a specific ItemSet(the tourguideset) with a QR code referring to the page.

I can easily do this with a simple script that uses the Omeka-S api to generate the markdown pages needed for the Jekyll static page generator from acmilabs, but this feels a bit as a defeat, because I thought this is something that should be doable with the Omeka_S onboard tools (site generation, system and themes, maybe augmented with some special block handling modules or so).

However even after reading the user documentation on sites and themes I still don’t feel comfortable on starting the exercise. I don’t know how to get the pages ordered based on a Item-property, I would love to see some tutorial on building a theme “template” for my selected properties, don’t know where to put the viewer and player javascripts etc. etc.
As this feels like an example for a “basic” exhibition site, I thought I post this here so that there may come replies that can help others, in the same situation, too.

Thanks in advance, John

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