How to broswe media in omeka s

Hi everyone :slight_smile: ,

We can’t find the way to browse media with our Omeka S website.
We created a page to show some media with browse preview and it works well, but when we click on “browse all” at the bottom of the page, there is a message saying “Page not found”. The link ending with /media seems not to work…

Do you have an idea if there is something to change somewhere ?

Thank you

On my site , the URL for browse all is

Is your site live? Can you share a link?

I’m sorry my site is not live and it can’t be for the moment.

The thing is the link ending with “https://…s/page/item” also works for me (as you), but I’m just wondering if I can make something like a showcase with all my media, like putting them in a collection ? Just so that the user of the website can browse only medias without items (knowing that I have several medias for one item)

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