How to add the "COAR vocabulary" in the Omeka S vocabularies?

Hi everybody!

Seeing this topic: , I tried to add COAR’s controlled vocabulary (COAR Vocabulary) to a pilot institutional repository I’m working on. But I was not able to add the vocabulary as per the steps shown in the previous topic.

I hope someone can help!

COAR is a collection of controlled vocabularies that contain terms that describe resources. Omeka does not import controlled vocabularies. Rather, it imports RDF vocabularies, which contain properties and classes that are used to build an ontology or data model.

Instead, you could enter the COAR terms into the Custom Vocab module.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Now I installed the custom vocabulary module.

I tried as the picture shows.

How can I add the COAR vocabulary to custom vocabulary according to COAR Vocabulary?

You’ll have to cut-and-paste the COAR terms into the Términos textarea.

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