How to access the Exhibits_thumpnail_image through Omeka_API


I want to create a page with all of the Exhibits we have in Omeka in other CMS.

I thought to use the Omeka API and I will use the Json Output to create the new page.

I used http:/…/api/exhibits but I was able to view each Exhibit metadata except the thumbnail image for each exhibit

Is there a way to generate the Exhibit metadata and the thumbnail in Json or xml format?

Any suggestions?

I know this is old, but just in case someone else has this same problem…

At this point it’s a two step process to get the information, but at least it would now be possible.
You’d first access the API to loop through the API data to grab the cover_image_file_id values, then each of those values you’d run through the API via the files node (ex: […]/api/files/<cover_image_file_id>) and grab whichever generated URL you’d like.