How much would it cost to have someone create a custom theme?

I am evaluating Omeka as a platform for a virtual museum for a non-profit that I work with. I’ve found it very easy to use and can get almost everything done that I need to do with just a few exceptions. I will need a custom look to the site, with our own color schemes and logos and maybe a background picture. And I need a little more flexibility as to the content of the home page than I can get with the standard themes. I’ll be presenting to the board in just a few weeks and would like to know (ballpark only and no commitment on anyone’s part) about how much it would cost to do this. Are we talking $1000 or $1000 or somewhere in between? Or more?

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Hi there,

We at Andornot Consulting have developed a number of Omeka sites for clients, most with custom themes. These themes were based on the purchase of a pre-designed template from one of the many template marketplaces, with that graphic design then adapted for use with Omeka. This provides a custom look and feel for an Omeka site without the expense that comes from sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and designing a completely custom design from scratch.

However, it’s still a good amount of work to apply even a pre-created design to a set of Omeka theme files, as the template is just a starting point. How much work really depends how far you want to go in tinkering with it, how many plugins you want to use, which might need some design work, etc.

How far $1,000 might get you depends very much on what sort of hourly rate you’d be paying. I’m afraid it wouldn’t get you a complete custom theme from us, but feel free to send me a private message or an email to if you’d like to discuss our rates and work further.

Jonathan Jacobsen, BA, MLIS
Andornot Consulting

I can help you with the modifications you need. I performed many theme customizations and a couple of new theme designs for our local (Polish) institutions. The cost is highly dependent on the modification range you require, especially meaning of the the “more flexibility” of the home page. Please send me more details to so I could give you a better cost estimation.


Is the job still open ?
If yes than I can help you out



Is your offer still available? Custom design is not a problem. If you are considering colours it is good to use adobe wheel colour where you will find colours which match each other. Do you need design project as well? It is hard to say exactly about costs because it of course depends on how much engaging your adjustments will be. You can send me a priv message and we can talk about the price :slight_smile: