How do you change the previous and next links on the item page to use the search results instead of item order?

So I’ve tried following the directions on this page but have not had any luck. ( and I’ve looked at this page but found it hard to follow ( The biggest problem I think I am having is that the directions are not real specific as to which directory I should be making these edits in. Is it the default themes, the berlin theme that I am using, or somewhere else?

When I have followed through all the directions in the first link, I get an error for line 34 or 35 of the browse.php. That would be step 3 on that first link of replacing the lines:

  • <?php echo link_to_previous_item_show(); ?>
  • <?php echo link_to_next_item_show(); ?>
  • with…

    <?php custom_paging(); ?>

    One of the things I thought might be giving my troubles is the custom.php file. The directions say you need to create the file, but my instance of Omeka already had a custom.php file with 1 line of code in it. I pasted the code given under it, but I am not sure if that is how it should go or not.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!


    I had the same issue and tried the solution offered here, on a site using Thanks Roy theme. It seems to work. Not sure if this is the same solution or not.