How do I get the name/title of an item using the Internal ID for a Facet list in AdvancedSearch?

Hi All,

I’m using Advanced Search to create a sidebar of facets and I’m running into a problem where several of the columns of data refer to items by Internal ID (e.g. instead of typing out “British Museum” every time in the “Institution” column, just refer to it as 10234 in the data.

But AdvancedSearch doesn’t go and get this title/name. It gets the title/name of the item where it found that data creating a long list of useless titles.

Is there a way of getting the name the Internal ID refers to and using that as the Facet?

It seems to do this for things like resources templates (resource_template_id = Resource template) in the Search Settings dashboard page, but it doesn’t seem to do it for anything else.

Anyway, I can’t seem to find anything that would allow me to specify this, ie to use the title from the Internal ID rather than from the item.