How do I get CSV plugin?

I’m a new user just feeling my way around. I would like to get the CSV plugin, but only three plugins are listed in the drop down menu, and CSV import is not one of them. I thought there are 14 or 15 plugins available. How do I get them?

Here is the list of Omeka Classic plugins and the instructions for how to add Plugins.
The CSV Import plugin can be downloaded here.


Adding to Robin’s suggestions:
if you’re familiar with GitHub, you’ll find there an improved version of the plugin, CSVImportPlus, by @Daniel_KM.
There are actually around 30 forks of the same plugin available on GitHub (, but it seems they mostly are customizations so I would stick to Daniel’s version.

Hope this helps.

Robin, thank you for your response. This puts me on the right track.

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Thank you, I’ll check it out!

Hi Robin,

I downloaded the plugin, but I can’t seem to install it. I use Reclaim Hosting. I went to my file manager, then to plugins, and uploaded the folder. The icon that showed up was different from the icons for the plugins that were already installed, and the new plugin doesn’t show up on my Omeka dashboard. Can you help me with this? Thank you–Ivor

If you look in your plugins folder and only see a zip file (something like but no folder named CsvImport), then you missed the extraction step. Icons for a compressed file are different than a folder.

When you extract an Omeka plugin zip file, the extraction process will create a folder named CsvImport with all of its files within it.

Here is an article that has reclaim instructions step by step including the extraction step.

Good luck!

I found the problem. The plugin files I was downloading from Omeka were not zip files, just folders, and they don’t open in the plugin folder in the Reclaim file manager. I had to compress the folders myself, and then upload them, and it worked. Maybe this is just a Mac problem? This information might be useful for others.

Interesting. Did you use Safari? I am wondering if it has a setting to automatically extract/unzip files.
I will take a look. I’m glad you figured it out!

Yes, I use Safari. You are correct–I now realize that Safari automatically unzips downloaded files. To prevent this:

Fortunately it’s an easy fix! If Safari is automatically unzipping files for you, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to the top menu in Safari > Preferences
  3. Go to the General tab
  4. At the bottom, uncheck “open safe files after downloading”
  5. Go back to your Contrastly Dashboard and re-download the presets/profiles you’d like to install
  6. This time, Safari won’t unzip the file and you will be able to import the presets into plugin folder.
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Thank you for following up. That will be potentially helpful to other Safari users.

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