How do I eliminate one element from the items page?

I’m using the Emiglio theme for a virtual museum I am setting up. On the items page, the title of the item is at the top in a bold font, which I like, but then immediately below that it lists the elements associated with the item and the first on the list is Title (and then the title of the item). So the name of the item is showing up twice. I can figure out how to remove the one at the top, but that’s the one I’d like to keep! It looks like it’s just pulling all the elements that have data in them, so how do I tell it to use all of them EXCEPT the title?

I’m not entirely sure how it handles the Title in cases like this, but I suspect the Hide Elements plugin is your likely first bet to get at what you need.

This worked very well. I still have the name at the top of the page, but no longer in the element list. Thanks.