How can you change the "File Size" under "Format Metadata" in the item record from bytes to something larger?

When you view a file or item record, on the right there is a “Format Metadata” heading that includes things like Original Filename and File Size. Is there a way to change the File Size so its not in bytes but perhaps MB or KB?

In the files/show.php view for your theme there’s a line like:

<?php echo __('%s bytes', metadata('file', 'Size')); ?>

You’d just have to divide the “size” metadata by the proper value to get whatever size you’re looking for (the %.2f part just makes it round the output to two decimal places).

<?php echo __('%.2f MB', metadata('file', 'Size') / 1048576)); ?>

If your theme doesn’t have a files/show.php file, first copy it over from application/views/scripts.