How can I remove buttons on Search page?

The “Advanced Search” page begins with 2 buttons that I find confusing (Emiglio theme).

“Browse All” takes you out back to the homepage.

“Search Items” just refreshes the page.

How can I remove these buttons?

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Hi @raman004 , can you please help guide me there? I went to my website’s File Manager and opened archive (Omeka) > themes > emiglio. I searched all the files there, but couldn’t find one called search.php.

And can you please tell me what the code looks like that I should delete?

Thank you!

Hi @raman004 , I’m still hoping for your further guidance. Since these useless buttons are inconveniently located right next to the “Search for Keywords” bar, I find myself accidentally clicking them and having to start over, instead of scrolling to the “Search for Items” button at the bottom of the page.

Omeka themes don’t always contain a copy of every editable theme file; if the theme uses just a default view for something, then the theme just won’t have the file at all. That’s what’s happening with the relevant file here, items/search.php

You can still make edits to these things, though. The “default” copies of these files are just located in another folder, so what you can do is copy them into the theme and edit the copy. The default theme files are located in the Omeka core at application/views/scripts.

In this case, you’d copy the default search page, application/views/scripts/items/search.php, into your theme’s “items” folder, so it will end up at items/search.php within your theme. Then you can open and edit that file to make your changes.

The “buttons” you’re talking about here that you want to remove are the lines starting with

<nav class="items-nav navigation secondary-nav">

and ending with


Thank you @jflatnes ! Brilliant! Thanks for this fix.