How can I make the Dublin Core metadata in the Item page appear alongside the Item Type Metadata?

At the moment, the Dublin Core metadata is above the Item type metadata. I would like to put them alongside each other, e.g. with the Dublin Core on the left and the Item type metadata on the right, so that they’re both accessible at a glance, rather than the user having to scroll down. I know I need to go into the show.php for the theme’s items, but I can’t find where to change things once I’m in there, and what guides the ordering of these sections. Any suggestions?

You’ll probably need to combine this with some CSS and HTML divs to make the layout work how you want, but the first thing you’ll need is to separate out the data.

The show pages usually have a line like this that spits out all the metadata:

<?php echo all_element_texts('item'); ?>

To break the Dublin Core and Item Type Metadata apart, you can send in options like so

<?php echo all_element_texts('item', array('show_element_sets' =>'Item Type Metadata')); ?>
<?php echo all_element_texts('item', array('show_element_sets' =>'Dublin Core')); ?>

With that, you’ll probably want divs or other HTML to combine with your CSS to make it work.

Thanks! Although my php says $item instead of ‘item’, and I tried both the ‘item’ version you had and using $item instead. Both times I got error messages when I tried to load the page. Am I using a different version of omeka, or is it different depending on the theme?

Hmmm… what theme are you using, and what are the error messages?