How can I display (internal) webpage as Item/Exhibit/ or?

Hi, Very Helpful Folks,

 I have several website articles, downloaded to my local computer as 'complete website'.  I can display these pages in my local browser (i.e., they are intact and links work).
 Can someone walk me through how/where to load and process these so they can be viewed by visitors to my Omeka site?
 How they are accessed is not important, so perhaps could be Item with multiple files, or linked to and displayed in a Simple Page?
 I can store them on server outside the Omeka directory, which seems as though it might be simplest -- as I'm a week-or-two-old-Omeka-development newborn, and the file/folder/permissions structure and how it works is still mysterious to me.

– Thanks!

  • Plugins I’ve been able to manage (other batch uploaders/processors seem to be beyond my capabilities): Dropbox, Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages

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