How can I bypass index.php and show index.htm instead

I have an index.php file created by the Omeka S installation and an index.htm file that I created both in the root of my public_html directory. When someone browses to my site I want to show them the htm file, not the php file. I renamed the php file to$ in hopes that the web server would pick up the htm file, but that didn’t work. It says “file not found” instead. Does anyone have advice for me on how to accomplish this?

P.S. I’m doing this because I want one of my sites to be password protected. I found a nice tool called Link Lock (Link Lock - Password-protect links) that allows me to encrypt a URL. I want to make a landing page that has the encrypted link on it so that unauthorized users can’t get to the restricted site if they don’t know the password…

Omeka S needs that file to be called index.php. The Apache rewrite rules used to make Omeka work rely on that file being there (and will interfere with any other file that might otherwise be the “default” like an index.htm).

If you’d like to have an index.htm, maybe consider having the Omeka S install live in a subfolder, and have your index.htm one level higher at the root?

Good idea. Thanks. I have found another way to do what I want.

to password-protect your site it’s better to use ACL Access Control Lists (ACL) - Omeka S Developer Documentation and remove access to the site for not logged users

Thanks. I want to password protect one of my public sites, not the administrator interface.

I will use Use Link Lock - Password-protect links to create a password-protected link to the protected site. Not at all bulletproof but good enough for my purposes.