How can I Add Items from a directory on same server as Omeka install?

New user with fresh install of Omeka 2.7.1. Several gigs & several hundred files already uploaded to separate directory on same server as install.

Add Item/File dialog lists only folders/files found on my local machine, and not those on server. Can I somehow view & access the server folder? It appears I cannot simply load them into the Omeka’s Files folder(s).

Even using Dropbox plug-in seems to require adding files one by one, and (I think) also relies on files freshly uploaded from my local machine – leaving me with the same dilemma.

There is probably something simple about Omeka structure that I am missing or misunderstanding (I finally grok that O transmutes file names into its own nomenclature).

Any guidance (for a low-grade intellect) would be appreciated!

If you install the Dropbox plugin, and then shift those files to the Files folder in the Dropbox plugin directory on the server, they should all be available to your installation.

Confirmed: you just need to move your files to the FILES directory of the DropBox plugin, refresh the page and they’ll be all there.

Sharon, Daniele,

thanks very much for the helpful responses. I apologize for the delay in gratitude – I’ve been wrangling the site and uploading and Itemizing gigs of files.

It does seem to have been a matter of ‘refreshing’ the DropBox page. Indeed, there have been a couple of other instances where refreshing an individual Omeka admin page, OR logging out (and perhaps even closing my browser and refreshing the log-in page) cleared up issues. I suppose it’s a newbie coder mistake not to have tried that!

Thanks again.


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