Homepage doesn't display with Big Picture Theme

I have been using Big Picture theme. But recently, the homepage stopped displaying (http://cassacda.com/). It works with other themes. But for the purpose of my website, I want to continue with Big Picture. Could you help, please?

Are you using a custom homepage or the default homepage? (What’s set as “home” in your Navigation settings?)

I am using the default homepage.

What version of Classic and Big Picture are you running? You can get this information from the “System Information” link at the bottom right of every admin page.

Have you updated the theme recently? Is there a possibility files have gotten moved or removed from the theme directory?

One thing that should help is that your site is “displaying” an invisible error message:

Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to file_display_url() must be an instance of File, null given, called in /home/bibhusha/cassacda.com/themes/bigpicture/exhibit-builder/exhibits/featured.php on line 1

I think the issue here is that the theme is looking for a file or image to show for your featured exhibit, and it can’t find any.

I am using Version 2.7 of Classic and 1.2 of Big Picture. And I don’t remember updating the theme. It just stopped displaying homepage all of a sudden just a couple of days back.

Hi! Do you think it has to do with just the featured exhibits or the entire homepage too? Because nothing on the homepage is displaying.

The specific error that’s showing up is about featured exhibits, yes. An error in just part of the page can be enough to make the whole thing not show up, sometimes.

You can try making your currently-featured exhibit(s) non-featured to see what happens. A change in featured status or to the exhibit itself (making it so there are no attached public files) could explain why it happened without you updating the theme.

OMG! You are right. It worked. Thank you so much.