Highlighting untranscribed items

When a visitor to the site wants to transcribe one of our ads they can browse the items and look through each one, but since we are crowdsourced for transcription it is imperative for the transcribers to be able to quickly find the ads that are not done. We are using Thanks, Roy and have the Scripto plugin for transcription. So I have some questions:
In the Item list we see the options: Title, Creator, Type, and Date Added. Is it possible to add an option for transcribed or untranscribed?
Or is there a way a way to direct transcribers to untranscribed items when they sign up to transcribe?
Or is there a filter or a plugin option?

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Hello! I’m also interested in some of the questions, especially Is it possible to add an option for transcribed or untranscribed? I was trying to find more about it, but my searchings wasn’t successful. Hope, that someone will find answer for us.

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Following this thread in hopes it can help direct our decision too. We are hosting a crowdsourcing metadata tagging event, where we will have our collection items open to the public to tag. We stared with Omeka Classic but having trouble finding a plugin that allows tagging from non admins to the collection.
It appears Folksonomy for OmekaS might be a plugin with that functionality.

I’m very green to this type of technology so haven’t found my answer in playing with the Sandbox demo. Could you help me clear this up?

Thank you~