Hide non-public items from other users


Setting up an archive with several confidential files that are not meant to displayed publicly but that are part of the archive and some users with certain permissions need access to them via the backend.

Tried Limit Visibility to Own plugin but this only hides all items to a user except it’s own. Guess I’m trying to do the inverse of this: hide items of one user to other users. How could i do this?

The normal behavior of non-public items is that they will be hidden to everyone except logged-in users (with Contributor users only being able to view the non-public items they themselves created).

Is this what you want, or do you also want to hide these private items even from other logged-in users?

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Yes, I would like to hide some items from other logged-in users.

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I would like to do this too. Hide items for specific users. How?

As John was suggesting, Contributor are not allowed to view non-public items they did not create.

Building on that, you might consider demoting to Contributor level those users who are not allowed to see the confidential items…


Thank you @DanieleB!!! I have to explain clearly to my clients how to make this process of permissions of visibility for the resources according to the roles omeka allows. Thanks a lot.

Thank you. Its not as precise but I’ll consider this when assigning users.

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