Hide Elements 1.3

Does the latest version of Hide Elements (1.3) work with Omeka version 2.5?

I’m not aware of any issues, and I just did a quick run-through and it seemed fine. Of course, something could be missing, so if you spot something please do report an issue.

Hello Patrick.
I’ve installed it on Omeka 2.6 and I can just see a message saying “This is not a valid plugin”.
Any hint?

Best guess is that the files weren’t properly copied over to the server.

In the folder structure, at the top there should be a HideElements folder, and under that there should four files. The ones that can cause troubles if they aren’t there are plugin.ini and HideElementsPlugin.php. If those aren’t there, that’ll cause problems. If they are, we have a bigger mystery on our hands.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I’ve tried removing and reinstalling the plugin, and now everything works fine.

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