HI im new in this

any can say me how change or select my language?? im install omeka yesterday from turnkeylinux distro but i dont know how change to spanish if any know plz can say me


Instructions are here: http://omeka.org/codex/Configuring_Language


Another ask how add books have a tutorial i cant found

and thanx again

All of the documentation is here: http://omeka.org/codex/Documentation - if you open it in Google’s Chrome browser it might translate some of it for you.
There also also screencasts (in English) on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/omeka

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hello again mebrett how r you ??
i follow your link and tranlate all omeka but i need translate all pull-down menu for complete tranlation where are this menues ??
thanx again

Once you’ve edited the config.ini file to have locale = "[your language code]" everything in Omeka’s core should be translated

What pull-down menu are you trying to understand? Can you take a screen shot and share it?

Say simple page and cant quit aupdate advice … how change this this

ohh and another ask can change this say administracion omeca for only administracion ??