Help for using Hide Files plugin

Hi there!
I’m using the Hide Files plugin for my Omeka Classic site due to some copyright and confidentiality issue. Two problems I’m facing while implementing the plugin:

  1. A text like " Notice: Trying to get property ‘id’ of non-object in /var/www/html/xxxx/plugins/HideFiles/HideFilesPlugin.php on line 244" is showing in place of the filename on public site. I want to remove or replace it with something relevant if possible.

  2. Even if the plugin function is working fine but when the PDF Embade/Universal Viewer/Item relation plugins are activated the pdf files/images in the item relation box are getting displayed. Is there any possibility to restrict these two plugins or other similar kinds of plugins while restricting the files view option?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Ankana.

Thanks for using and testing the plugin. As stated in its README - Warning section, please remember it’s a stub, so issues can occur. Actually, I’d appreciate if you could post your questions also as separate issues on Issues · DBinaghi/plugin-HideFiles · GitHub

This said, I’m a bit puzzled by your first issue, as line 244 should not raise that problem; I’m wondering whether you’re using the latest version, 2.1; could you please check and let me know?

As for point 2, that goes back to the “stub” warning: I simply did not add checks for extra plugins. I see whether I can do it in the next future, but as the possibilities for plugins are infinite I’d rather have something added to the Omeka core. Therefore, I invite you to support my [Feature Request] Add a "public / not public" flag to media · Issue #983 · omeka/Omeka · GitHub

Hi again.
I’ve managed to find and fix your issue #1, please install the new 1.3 version and see whether it’s solved.

Hi Daniele.
This absolutely worked!
Thank you so much for this quick fix.

And for the second issue I mentioned, I would really appreciate it if you can add some check for other plugins too, or add it in the Omeka itself. This would be of great help.