HELO: Updated now modules not working

Dear all- I am a humanist not terribly skilled with the digital, so apologies is this is a simple fix I am overlooking. However, I recently updated to Omeka S 4.0.1 and that caused the installed modules to give me one of two error messages: Error: invalid config/module.ini file or Error: [Module name] requires Omeka S ^3.1.0 .

I am unsure where to even begin resolving this. I uninstalled, redownloaded, and reinstalled the modules but am still getting these error messages.

If someone could please point me in the direction of documentation to help with this (or even inform me what I need to have done, so I can then work with someone who knows better how to do this) I would be eternally grateful. Thank you!

These modules saying “requires Omeka S ^3.0.0” or similar, they’re saying that the module versions you have are meant to work with Omeka S 3. Since you moved to version 4, you need updated versions of the modules.

You just need to download updated module(s) and replace your old ones with the updated ones. Then the Modules page here will offer you a button to click for each updated module to upgrade it.

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