Header images and logos in Astrolabe

Hello, I’m working on theming a modified version of the Astrolabe theme. I see functions for changing the site’s masthead, but I can’t figure out where to do so, though I see that the page header is set up to echo theme_header_image() and theme_logo. Where does one upload or alter the site header?

The main button “Configure Theme” under the image of your theme in the menu Appearence.

Thanks Daniel, although this theme does not have a “Configure” option

Copy the file “config.ini” from a standard theme, main options will be fine.

I added the config.ini page to the theme, and it appeared and functioned just fine in the admin panel, but it doesn’t actually make any changes to the main site, for instance, if I upload a header background image. I assume some changes need to be made to the theme coding for it to be able to recognize theming changes coming from the config.ini file?

So this is an issue related to the theme, so set an issue on the support site.