Have a carrousel on item page


I would like to have a carrousel to display the medias linked to each item.
It seems to be possible with the UniversalViewer or IIIFserver module.

I have difficulties to install these modules on my server. Is it possible use other modules?

Thanks to your answers

On Omeka S 4.0, you have the ability to use the lightgallery media viewer on your item pages. This is available without the use of modules.

Navigate to your selected theme. Themes updated for Omeka S 4.0 will have a “Configure resource pages” button.

I think by default, the themes use “media embeds” for attached media. You can remove that block and replace it with “Lightbox gallery”.

This will result in a media viewer that looks like this.

Thans for your answer. Adding the lightbox-gallery-item.phtml and the lightbox-gallery-media.phtml file to the \view\common\ folder of My theme , I can procced as indicated.