Guest User plugin: no emails to anyone

There seems to be a deficiency in the Guest User plugin, no one gets any emails.

  1. An admin needs to get an email when a user registers for an account. Without this, there is no notice of application so users are simply ignored until an admin would happen to check if there are any applications. That’s a significant problem. The plugin needs to have a config option for which admin to alert to applications, similar to how the Contributions plugin has an email setting for who to notify of a new contribution for approval.

  2. The User does not get an email when their account is activated. Or ever actually. So this falls into two parts:
    A. Despite requiring an admin to approve the accounts (checkbox option in the plugin) the user is told on the webpage when they apply that they will get a confirmation email to activate their account. This is false and misleading and needs to be corrected.
    B. Once the admin goes in and activates the account, the user needs to be sent an email automatically telling them their account is active. This does not happen, so they will never know it was activated.

  3. A smaller side issue, before the account is activated, if you try to log in it says the login is incorrect. It should say the account is not activated. I’m not sure if that falls to the plugin or the core software.

Any hope of getting these issues addressed? How have others worked around these issues? Auto activation is generally a terrible idea as any joker can sign up and start throwing things at your site, so the request and activation process needs to be smoothed out.

Do Omeka’s normal emails work (for example, when a new account is created through the regular admin interface, the new user should be sent an email so they can set their password)?

You might just not have your server set up to send mail, rather than having a problem with the Guest User plugin specifically.

Normal email works fine. The users set their password up front in the form, they don’t need an email for that. As stated, they need an email when their account is activated by an admin, and an admin needs to be alerted when a new users registers, and neither of those features seems to be in place.

Ah, I misunderstood your question.

It looks like there’s at least one unreleased change already on the Guest User plugin to address some problems with the messaging to users about what the process is depending on the configuration. As for the emails, the plugin definitely appears to be designed to notify the default administrator when a user registers, but only when they confirm on their confirmation email, so if confirmation is not required because of the configuration that would obviously be an explanation for that not being sent. It seems that some of the email issues are interrelated.

The “login incorrect” vs “account not activated” is a core thing, not Guest User-related. The idea there is for the login page not to leak information about what emails map to accounts that actually exist.

Yeah that doesn’t make sense. If the config allows self confirmation then the admin doesn’t need to be notified because they don’t need an admin for the account to be used. If the config requires admin to make active, then the admin needs to get the email but the plugin won’t send in that case? Totally backwards from what is needed. I mean ok sure maybe send the email when someone make an account themselves anyway so you keep an eye on any monkey business, but when intervention is needed that’s the MOST important time for notification. And then of course once activated, the user should also be notified. Hope those two things can be added!

Another problem, Contributors can see the Guest User tab in the navigation when they log in. While they can’t do anything, they shouldn’t be able to see this info of other people.

Ugh… ok, the emails WERE working, apparently an update to sendmail broke it because they messed up the package and violated their own configuration requirements…
Anyway, disregard all the initial email issues, tons of emails are sent perfectly at all stages of the process after all -_-
Which is to say, user gets confirmation, clicks link, gets re-confirmation, admin gets notice. Once activated, user gets notice. Exactly as it should be if your *&$%^ server is actually working like you thought it was…

So yeah, if the tab could just be hidden from non admins that would be super :slight_smile: