Guest User Email Address issues?

Hi - me again. I feel like I’m specialising in weird weird errors at the minute. So having moved on from the weird emoji problem, my latest oddity is guest users email addresses.

We are collecting contributions via the Contributions plugin, and on the whole, if the users avoid using emojis anyway, it is going great. Today I have a user who has emailed me a photo because the contributions page won’t accept her. She completes the whole page, presses submit, and it loops back to the same page - all text and geolocation info is still completed but the file needs to be reselected.

I have replicated this problem using her photo and info on my computer both in Safari and Chrome. Another person has also done this using her info on another computer. We have done a single variable at a time change approach and have pinpointed her email address as the only variable that causes the loop back situation.

My error log is clean as a whistle. It isn’t showing this up at all. Her email domain is and the address is - is it possible that it’s too long??? How would I change to accept rather long email addresses?

Has anyone else got any insight into this?! You are all superstars…Thank you Claire x

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