Grouping input elements in Item input form


I’m new to Omeka-S and currently exploring the functionality for several projects at our university. I was wondering if it is possible to arrange input elements in groups in the input form of items. This is especially useful when you have a lot of input elements for an item.

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What kind of grouping are you thinking about doing?

Basically now all metadata input fields of a single item are shown in one (possibly long) list. It would be useful to be able to group these input fields with a kind of header, so you can include input fields into groups that would both be visible on the input page of items as well as well on the viewer page of an item. I hope I made myself clear enough?

This is not possible by default, you have to modify the admin theme (html + js).

Yes, I think you described things fine…

Potentially this could be something templates could do… we’re not set up for it at the moment, though, so Daniel’s advice is on point, you’d be looking at modifying the admin theme (or potentially doing it all in JS, which you could use a module to load).

Thanks for your replies guys!