Grouping Exhibits


I was wondering if there is a way of grouping/classifying different exhibits into the same category/super-class. What I want to do is for instance: I have a “Archeology” section and want all my Archeology related exhibits inside. I know that grouping by tags would be something similar but I would want to do it slightly different (an exhibition contain exactly certain exhibits pre-defined and added by the admin). If there isn’t any plugin, is it feasible to do it programmatically by modifying the source code of Omeka or the internal design would prevent something like that?


What about tags don’t you think will work for this situation? Absent some plugin to do otherwise, tagging is only available to users who are logged in to the admin panel. Or do you want only the administrator to be able to set these categories, as opposed to less-privileged logged in users?

Other than tags (or working in concert with them), the only real way to show a grouping would probably be by just editing the theme’s exhibits browse template. Or, another option could be doing the grouping just in the navigation with nesting, I suppose.

Maybe I could work i t out adapting the front-end and using tags, as you said. In principle, I want only the users that have permission to modify exhibits to group them. So thanks for the help, I’ll try some of the things mentioned.



I have found a plugin that serves this purpose: Block Party. I can create an exhibit and select an exhibit page layout in which I can add several exhibits, items and collections. I know that this could be done also with exhibit shortcodes but with the plugin I think is more user-friendly (also we’re considering and adapting the tagging option). We’re still figuring out which one to choose, this is just an update for anyone in the same situation.

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