Grid view not working correctly after upgrade from 2.x to 3

I only see one thumbnail for each line after upgrade.
In ver 2 it was 4 thumbnails on each line

It might be the theme.
You might want to let us know what is the theme you’re using and what version is it.

I am using the Seasons theme. I did a clean install on a testsite an the same problem there

First image is version 2
Next image is version 3
Theme settings are the same

Which version of Omeka Classic 2 were you upgrading from? The browse view has looked like the second screenshot for a long time.

I am upgrading from version 2.8

I’ve been looking through our previous versions and I’m having trouble finding a combination of Omeka Classic and Seasons versions that would produce the layout of items in your first screenshot. I’m wondering if your version of Seasons had been customized or affected by a plugin. Do you recall anything along these lines, or what version of Seasons you had been using?

To move forward with a layout like the first screenshot, I would recommend developing a custom version of Seasons as a fork of the original, or working with a developer who could assist in this.

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