Google Seach Result show XML File

Dear all, i have a new site with Latest Omeka…

The problem is, when we do the search (Google), the result will show the XML file first.

Is there anything that i should look?

Site :
Google Search Term: mindanc uitm


Google’s ranking choices are often a mystery. In this case, I imagine it’s because your actual title and text on the site itself don’t match the “mindanc” text.

For example, searching “minda naib uitm” does show actual pages as the first results. If you’re expecting searches with the text “mindanc” to match, you’d probably want to have that in your page title or headings somewhere.

Yeah, but it strage as it index the xml 1st instead of the item page.

I try add meta keywords, to see it.

Actually i have another site using Omeka 2.7.1. But it seem does not have problem like the new one (3.0.1).

It would depend what’s happening specifically with the two sites, but I do think it’s really down to the fact that what you’re searching for is in the URL but not the actual text much. The XML file has a bunch of links in it, so it contains that part of the URL a lot.

I doubt that using Omeka 2.7.1 on one site and 3.0.1 on the other is the important difference here.

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