Getting "omeka has encountered an error" message on various pages

Hi Guys

I have an omeka install running 2.7.1

I am using the seasons theme with neatline and neatline waypoints and simple pages activated.

I was adding additional items today having created some new collections and was in the process of assigning items to collections when I started to get the error message.

When I try to add a new item I get this message:

Omeka has encountered an error

To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Classic User Manual page on retrieving error messages.

When I try to change the waypoint records order I get an error saying: the waypoint order was not saved.

I saw the link to the error documentation but I don’t know where to find the htaccess file (full disclosure I am not a coder or IT person, I use omeka for artistic/archival purposes) I ama little wary of enabling error reporting on the site. The site is live and is an almost fully built repository funded by a public body.

Will visitors seeing the ‘public version’ of the site see the error messages?

I am keen to get this sorted out as the project is drawing to a close and I want to be able to stand over it.

any help gratefully appreciated

The site is here:



If you don’t want the error messages to be visible, try turning on error logging - to get to files mentioned in the documentation, you need to go through your hosting company’s file manager. Here’s some example explanation from Reclaim Hosting - the exact process may vary depending on your hosting company.

Thanks for that. The hosting company took a look and it seemed to be a database error due to a crash. They repaired the database error and things seem to be working ok now, so I’ll close this post out for the moment. Fingers crossed that things will be ok from now on



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