Getting IIPIMage to work with Omeka / OpenlayersZoom Plugin

I am trying to get IIPImage to work in Omeka I have installed the openLayersZoom plugin and was hoping to get it to work with IIPimage. My hosting company has installed IIPImage on the server. You can see it working here

My problem is how to integrate it into Omeka.
On the github page of openlayersZoom is says “To use [IIPImage], the element should be created in the Item Type Metadata set, and this field should be filled in the item form with the query url to the image.”

I am unsure how to proceed at this point. Do I add an item type via the admin section ? Do I need to write a plugin? or do I edit the database directly? Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanking you in advance


Omeka version 2.5
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The element is hard coded in the code, but it is not created during the installation. So you have to edit item types, then create an element Tile Server URL and add it to each item type you use. Then, you’ll fill it with the url to the iiip image server.

Thanks Daniel for your speedy reply.
I think I have the item type set up correctly. The openLayersZoom is not showing an image now.
I assume Omeka is looking in the default file path( files/original ).

I have looked at the iipsrv.log file and it shows

Tue May 16 13:48:52 2017

IIPImage Server. Version 1.0
*** Ruven Pillay <> ***

Verbosity level set to 1
Running in FCGI mode

Setting maximum image cache size to 10MB
Setting filesystem prefix to '/path/given/by/host/iipsrv_images/'
Setting default JPEG quality to 75
Setting maximum CVT size to 5000
Setting HTTP Cache-Control header to 'max-age=86400'
Setting 3D file sequence name pattern to '_pyr_'

Initialisation Complete.


The hosting company have specified a folder that I should place my images in. Should I get them to change this to the Omeka file path? Do you think this is my issue?

Thanks again


OpenLayers Zoom can use tiles from the tiles it produces (when the checkbox Zoom is checked in the tab “Zoom” in the items/edit page or with the bulk tool bulk_build_tiles.php) or from an external iiip image server.

In the first case, the tiles are automatically managed and you don’t need to set the urls to the images.

In the second case, the url for the tiled image on the iiip image server should be set in the specific element Tile Server URL. This is a specific url for each item. It contains the url of the hosting server + the name of the path for this image. The names in Omeka and in the server are totally independant.

Hi Daniel
In the second case what format dose the path take? I have tried various options with no luck.
Is it possible to hire you to take a look for me?



I don’t know the format of your url, it depends on your iip server. With IIPImage, it may be something like Of course, I’m always available for further help if forum is not enough.

Real life example, an url to set in the field Tile Server URL :

In fact, it doesn’t seem to work any more with a recent version of the plugin. This is a feature that existed in the version for Omeka 1.5 that I kept in the version for Omeka 2, but that I don’t use, so I didn’t check.

Hi Daniel
I’m am still not quite sure what I am doing wrong. I am getting a 404 not found error in dev console each time.
So i assume it is an issue with files paths. If you are available to look at it for me that would be great.

Regards & Thanks

I just updated the plugin to OpenLayers 4.1.1 and tried with the url of the official example ( :
It works fine, but your demo links don’t work any more.

So upgrade the plugin and check it (