Geolocations plugin requires API key but no place to put it

Hi there,
We are in the process of relocating our Omeka sites to be hosted on a different server. There is an issue with the Geolocation plugin when viewed at the new site address.

It works perfectly at the current site:

but at the new site there is an error shown in the browser console:

The error says: js:40 Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError
NB: There are also two warnings in the console - we get those on the existing site too but they do not impact the plugin.

I have read the documentation and can see that the plugin requires an API key. The issue is, I do not have anywhere to enter it. I don’t have that field available when I click Configure for the plugin.

The Omeka version is 2.3 and the Geolocation plugin is 2.2.3.

Incidentally, my colleague was able to put an API key directly into the plugin’s php script and it fixes the error. However I am reporting this as I thought I should be able to enter it in the Admin if it is a requirement for the maps to display.

Please let me know f you need additional info and I hope this is something you can address. Thank you :):smiley:

The configuration option for the API key is there in the latest version, 2.2.5. An update should do the trick.

Oh dear… how obvious is that?! …feeling silly now. :flushed:
Thank you!

Not that obvious at all! Google seems to grandfather in older sites, not requiring the API key. Which creates the weird situation you had of same code working on an old site, but not a new one. Very confusing!

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