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Hello Omeka Team,

We have a site using Omeka classic version 2.41 and Geolocation plugin 2.2.3 and noticed the following error message and text on the map today, November 11, 2018. Searching the Internet, I also noticed the same message on several Omeka instances using the Geolocation plugin.

This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.
Do you own this site?

for development purposes only

Searching the Internet, I also noticed the same message on several Omeka instances that enable the Geolocation plugin.

How do I get rid of the message and how do I get the map to work as it should?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide to correct the current situation.

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That message comes from a change Google Maps made to their policies around free usage and billing… basically they require you to have billing information associated with your account to cover the case where you exceed the free limits.

Upgrading your Geolocation plugin to 2.2.4 or later will get you the necessary input for a Google Maps API key if you want to stick with Google.

Geolocation 3.0 switches from Google Maps to Leaflet, allowing you to choose from a variety of map styles and providers (mostly free and based on OpenStreetMap, with Mapbox as an alternative that requires a key also, but is generally free itself).

Both versions should work fine on Omeka 2.4.1

Hello jflatnes,

Thank you very much for such a timely response. So we are using our test site to play around with Gelocation 3.0 and the latest version of Omeka. I configured the Geolocation plugin for Mapbox and while I can see the map, when I input latitude and longitude for any of the items of interest I consistently get an error message. Here is one example:
Error: “41.2833941611111 -82.2345430111111” was not found!
Do you have any idea what is causing this error? Thank you again for any insights you can provide.

Kind regards,

If you put a comma or semicolon between those coordinates, does it change what you get?

We handle direct coordinate input like that locally, but the patterns we look for need that punctuation between the latitude and longitude.

Hi John,

Wow! That was it. I put a comma and and it took care of the error message. THANK You!!!


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